Part of growing up is learning how to cut ties with toxic people — no matter who they are.

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by: E.B. Johnson

We all come to a moment in life when we realize that it’s time to cut ties with someone that we once loved. It can come down to a realization that the person isn’t so great, or it can simply come down to a change in direction. Sometimes, though, we realize that someone in our lives is just downright toxic.

While everyone has a rough patch here and there, the relationships in our lives — be they romantic, friendly or otherwise — should add to it in positive and meaningful ways. …

Broken children grow up to be broken adults. If you want to let go of that pain, start by identifying your archetype.

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by: E.B. Johnson

The experiences of our childhood do more than just form faint memories. They implant on us in transformative ways that go on to impact our adult lives for decades to come. When you grow up in the middle of trauma, chaos, or fear it creates crucial baselines that inform everything from how we process stress on how we form relationships. Our childhood experiences shape us more than perhaps any other events in our lives, yet so many of us fail to fully explore and resolve them.

By identifying your child trauma archetype, you can empower yourself to…

Q. What is the best way to manage emotional trauma after you breakup with a loved one? (via Quora)

A. There’s a few key ways you can help yourself get…

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The Relationship Doubts You Should Never Ignore

Keep running into emotionally unavailable men? This is why they struggle to open up.

A man with greying hair stares pensively up in a dark room.
A man with greying hair stares pensively up in a dark room.
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by: E.B. Johnson

There’s no shortage of emotionally unavailable men in this world. They are our fathers, our brothers, our friends, and even our partners. As we draw closer to them, they pull away from us. They are incapable of opening up and they are incapable of building meaningful relationships. It’s not all their fault, though. Sometimes, there are reasons behind the detachment. Understanding them allows us to move forward with greater understanding and compassion.

Why so many men are emotionally unavailable.

Let’s admit it: So many of the men in our lives are emotionally unavailable (de Boise, 2017). They fail in supporting us, and they fail…

Were you the scapegoat in your family? Understand what it is and why you were marked for a life of hardship.

A woman cradles her head in her hand and looks down in sadness.
A woman cradles her head in her hand and looks down in sadness.
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by: E.B. Johnson

If you grew up the scapegoat in your family, then chances are you grew up hard and fast. It’s challenging being the emotional punching bag everyone is given license to punish. It’s difficult to be looked down on and dismissed your entire life, but you can turn all of that around in time. You can improve your life (and your outlook) when take a step back so that you can step into yourself and a future filled with love and acceptance.

How the scapegoat gets chosen.

Becoming the scapegoat in a narcissistic or abusive family is no accident. It’s a targeted campaign…

Q. How does it feel while you’re healing from abuse or after you’re over it and complete again? (via Quora)

A. It’s ups and downs just like anything else in this life. As you’re going through the healing, it’s all uphill. When you reach certain plateaus, you are so proud of yourself — but it’s still an exhausting struggle to get there. Once you come out on the other side? It’s mostly relief. You feel a sense of peace and a sense of supreme accomplishment.

But I can promise you this: that feeling doesn’t last forever. The doubts and insecurities…

Struggling to fix your broken relationship? There are steps you can take to improve things. Both of you have to come together, though, and commit to rolling up your sleeves…

Is your partner the right person? Or just for right now? These are some of the signs to look out for.

A silly couple sits on top of their van at sunset with their arms spread wide.
A silly couple sits on top of their van at sunset with their arms spread wide.
Image by DisobeyArtPhotography via Envato

by: E.B. Johnson

One of the most common questions any relationship coach or expert gets asked is, “Am I in the right relationship?” Unfortunately, there’s no one on the planet that carries that answer for you. You’re the only person who can determine whether your relationship is worthwhile. You’re the only person who is inside of that relationship and close enough to the truth of who you are and what you need. Have you picked someone that has what it takes to go the long haul with you? There are some pretty concrete signs you can look out for.

Common signs you’re in the right relationship.


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