Your Peace Is a Ripple That Will Change the World

Living an aligned life is a part of your personal and civic responsibility.

E.B. Johnson NLPMP
9 min readFeb 5, 2024


Elizabeth Gilbert wasn’t wrong when she said, “We don’t realize that, somewhere within us all, there does exist a supreme self who is eternally at peace.” It’s true. No matter how old we get, or what happens to us, we crave lives of peace — whatever that looks like on an individual level. We chase it, we seek it, even when our choices divulge. Why do reach out desperately for that deep inner sense of calm and belonging?

Perhaps it is because that is our best state. To be at peace is to be fulfilled, to be fulfilled is to create a life that is bursting with the people, experiences, and activities that make you feel passionately engaged with life.

Why don’t we embrace this state by default? When we all crave it so inherently?

What is it that keeps you from finding your peace? What keeps you from an aligned life? Do you think that you deserve it? Do you think that you’re someone worthy of having that ideal peace you’ve always imagined?

The truth is that your peace isn’t just a matter of you.

Your path to a life that is peaceful and aligned affects every single person around you. It’s a matter of helping others as much as it is a matter of helping yourself. It’s true. As a citizen of this world, you are a part of a sea, linked to everyone else through an imperceptible net of particles, experiences, and emotion.

As you become someone who falls in love with life, you become a better version of yourself to everyone. You become a better voter. A better parent. A better friend. A better business owner. A better citizen of the world. Your growth is the growth of everyone else around you. Your fulfillment is a better future.

If you’re not living an aligned life for yourself, then shift the way you’re looking at it. Live an aligned life for those you love most and those you will never have a chance to touch.

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