Q. What are some of the signs of a dysfunctional family?

A. There are many different signs of a dysfunctional family, and some of them are even more subtle and insidious than others. (via Quora)

On the surface layer, you can have your traditional forms of physical and sexual abuse, which create a chaotic and deeply traumatic home environment that damages the children in it for decades to come.

Beyond that, you can also have emotionally and mentally dysfunctional homes. Perhaps the parent has a severe mental or physical illness that prevents them from being present, open, and willing with their children. Maybe there is addiction in the household, or a lot of narcissistic and emotional abuse.

A dysfunctional home is basically any home in which a child is unable to emotionally and physically develop and thrive as normal. That is to say the family goes through a lot of unhealthy ups and downs, or there is a lot of physical chaos and uproar that gets in the way of connection, learning, and the natural developmental process.

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