This was a really great piece with a lot of insight I had never realized before. Just out of curiosity, do you normally publish on mobile or on the web? I haven’t run into any of your technical issues yet, but now that my Medium earnings are becoming a core part of my total earnings, I want to make sure I don’t run into the same.

I’ve run into a lot of sexism from commentors, other writers. What I’m writing isn’t exactly niche. It’s just self-help, mental health, productivity, improvement, but there seem to be a lot of other males on this platform that take issue with that. *endless eyeroll* Dunno if that’s indicative of the environment here, or just our society in general.

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Certified Life Coach | NLP-MP | Entrepreneur | I write about relationships, psychology, and the growth mindset. Founder @ Dragr LLC. 📱:

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