The problem with your point, however, is that it is lying. Betraying someone and then continuing to hide that betrayal from them is not only cowardly and self-centered – it’s lying. By allowing them to go on under the illusion that you’re someone you’re not, that you care for them more than you really do, you’re being both unfair and disrespectful to that other person. You’re allowing them to walk around under the impression that they are a part of something they aren’t. If you love someone, you know they deserve honesty.

The only way to deal with a wrong is to fess up to that wrong. To encourage anyone to do anything else to encourage them to put themselves before others (in the wrong way) and disregard the emotions and values of the other person. What you suggest is to continue lying in order to avoid the consequences of a conscious choice. For me – I’d never encourage my readers to do something so cowardly and self-centered. The only way out of difficulty is through it. Perhaps if we lose what means the most to us, we’ll learn a lesson and stop betraying people in future.

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