The Coach Wanted Content Creators Gone. How’s That Going?

Late Payments, suspicious traffic, and a CEO who hates content creators. I’m not the only one questioning all the issues plaguing Medium.

E.B. Johnson | NLPMP | Editor
13 min readJul 10, 2024


Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

When I joined Medium in 2019, it was a lifechanging experience. I was about two years out from my mother’s death and going through a sort of personal revolution. I was in therapy and looking for a way to use my experiences to help other people. As I hit publish on my first post, I didn’t realize I was starting on a path that would lead to a full-time career and a personal brand.

Fast forward to 2023. It’s August. A new CEO has announced significant changes, and I’m looking ahead with excitement and optimism. Why not? After all the changes in 2021 led to my biggest year on Medium. I made $4K in a month, doubled my followers, and was even approached by BBC about a potential podcast appearance.

Little did I know that the platform that had fostered my writing career, and set me on the path to become a coach who could help people, was about to burn to the ground.

Medium in 2024

Needless to say, Medium is an entirely different sort of animal from when I started writing here in 2019…and not in a good way.