The 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Peeling back the layers to take a peek at the writer behind the words.

E.B. Johnson
7 min readJan 12, 2022


All dressed up with nowhere to go on Christmas Day.

by: E.B. Johnson

As a writer and a coach, I spend a lot of time on this platform talking about mental health, family trauma, and what it takes to build a good life for yourself. I’ve talked a lot about my trauma and my experiences with narcissistic family, but I haven’t ever really peeled back the curtain on the other aspects of my life. For example, did you know I was (nearly) a Rhodes scholar? Or that I have a spaniel and a reality tv addiction? There’s a lot more to me than my trauma, and I think seeing that will help you to better see who I am as a coach and a writer.

The 10 things you didn’t know about me.

What better way to open that door than by sharing 10 little-known facts about me? These are the tidbits and trivia questions that show you more of who I am and who I continue to be. From high school writing achievements, to undercover musicality — sink your teeth into these factoids if you want to get to know the real E.B. Johnson.

I was told to be a writer in high school

In my senior year of high school, a very popular teacher got really involved in my potential writing career. Having scored a perfect score on the national writing assessment, he was determined to get me on the path. I was still being brow-beaten into pre-med by my narcissist mother, however, so I skipped his AP class to take French instead. In the long run, I still laugh to think how right he was…and how much happier I would have been if I had listened to this total stranger over the people who wanted me to take a joyless path for their egos.

I’m a total spaniel mom

Percy my 2 year old CKCS.

Shortly before the world shut down, I became the proud dog mom of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Percy. Now just over 2 years old, he’s the light of my life and my best friend in the entire world. Just when I had come to a place of doubting my capacity to give and receive…



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