Quiet On the Set: What Is The Greatest Price of Childhood Trauma?

As we reckon with new revelations, we have to ask ourselves what the most insidious element of childhood trauma truly is.

E.B. Johnson | NLPMP | Editor
6 min readMar 28, 2024


Quiet On Set premiered on Investigation Discovery in March 2024 (Yahoo TV)

On March 18th of 2024, the world was hit with a bomb. That was the night that Investigation Discovery released their new documentary series, Quiet on Set, which explores the abuses that were taking place on Nickelodeon sets in the early 90s through the early 00s. The details were many and they were brutal.

Child stars from shows such as All That, Drake and Josh, The Amanda Show, Zoey 101, and others detailed how they were exposed to a plethora of abuses both on and off of Nickelodeon sets. Audiences were horrified as they watched scenes and outtakes of children performing acts of sexual innuendo on camera.

The real horrors, however, came when Drake Bell told his story. It was a nightmare of abuses and failures. The Nickelodeon mega-star was subjected to the worst possible sexual acts at the hands of adults he trusted. In the end, when it all came to light, he was still forced to work on sets with people who protected his abusers.

Drake’s story is sadly not unique and not common. Millions of children are traumatized just as he was, in the same way, every single day around the world. They are harmed by the adults they love, and sold to predators who destroy them. Their pain doesn’t end when the sexual abuse or complex trauma ends, either. It follows them as they internalize the experience and ask what they did to deserve such pain.

What happens to children exposed to complex mental, emotional, and sexual trauma?

The revelations of the Quiet On Set Documentary were explosive. Not only were we confronted with the horrible working atmospheres on Nickelodeon sets, we were exposed to the tragic abuses that many of the children working on those sets experienced.

Any child who is psychologically and sexually manipulated, abused, and tortured as those child stars were runs the risk of developing C-PTSD. This trauma is deep-rooted and dynamic, following children throughout their lives and manifesting in several different…



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