Q. What can I do to find healing from betrayal trauma? (via Quora)

A. Being betrayed is one of the most painful events we can experience. Not only does it destroy our trust in others, but it destroys our trust in self too. In order to get back on a level playing field, we have to heal and find resolution. But that resolution comes in waves and looks different for everyone.

First you need to educate yourself. Learn everything you can about betrayal trauma and how it impacts your emotions, your nervous system, your cognitive ability, and your physical body. Understanding how all these systems work together (and are impacted) will help you better spot the symptoms that are coming up in your own life.

Then, you can reach out to someone who can help. This can sometimes be a trust friend or loved one, but it can also me a mental health expert. This person can hold our hand as we process our trauma, and take us into deep dives that reveal new epiphanies and realizations.

With all this information to hand, you can begin to move forward by taking the pain of your past as a lesson. These lessons increase confidence and help us to realize the power we have to get on with our lives and futures.

I help you unlearn your pain. Author & NLPMP. My book “Relationship Renovator” is available now.

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