Q. How do you get past the shame and guilt from your past? (via Quora)

A. It’s not easy to move on from the mistakes that we’ve made. But it’s one of the most crucial steps we can take. You won’t be able to fully embrace everything you deserve in the future if you keep holding on to the past version of yourself. In order to move on, you have to forgive yourself, take the lessons, and move on with excitement and drive.

Kickstart this process by falling in love with yourself — including the mistakes and the setbacks. We’re all human and we all get things wrong. That’s just the way life works. It’s a constant experiment with success and failure. Understand that no one in this world is perfect and that everyone has messed up in some major way at some point in their lives. This knowledge will allow you to embrace yourself and love yourself, even when you mess up. And that’s how we learn to get over the mistakes and move forward.

I help you unlearn your pain. Author & NLPMP. My book “Relationship Renovator” is available now.

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