Q. What lessons can we take out of failed relationships?

A. Relationships that don’t work out aren’t really a failure. They’re just another learning opportunity when it comes to figuring out who we are and what we want.

When a relationship fails, we’re given an opportunity to look back over our mistakes and consider what we want to change the next time around. We’re also forced to confront our errors in judgement, or the things that we really need from our future partners.

Outside of that, we learn new things about ourselves. We realize the height of new strengths, and better understand how to conquer our low points. It’s not a loss. It’s a chance at a new beginning, but it’s our choice to see that or not.

Author | NLP-MP | I write about relationships, psychology, and growth. Founder @ The Dragr App. My new book — Relationship Renovator — is available now.

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