Are you really becoming a better version of yourself — or are you just becoming self-obsessed?

There’s a big difference from having an actual awakening and deep-diving further into your narcissistic tendencies. It’s all about intention and what your ultimate aims are. When you’re only chasing clout, you’re not really improving who you are on the inside. Real awakenings don’t require the validation of others. They’re an inside-out affair.

Are you actually waking up? Or are you just trying to fit in with the crowd? Are you really falling in love with yourself? Or are you just falling in love with the “likes”? When our convictions only run skin deep, the truth is that we’re fooling ourselves. Know the difference between a real awakening and self-obsession so that you can make changes that matter.

Author and Certified Coach. I help you unlearn your suffering. Sort your relationships with SORTED:

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