I can't speak to the rest of the app, as I haven't used it, but I can speak to the Android / iPhone issue as I've been involved in developing and launching an app.

Long and short of it is that Apple is far easier and safer to use. They have much more stringent security, more users, more vetting for their apps, high standards of approval, and they offer the greatest financial gain as far as marketing and advertising. It's also easier to build an app with their languages and tools. Beyond that, building an app is an extremely expensive thing to do and maintain. To keep the app going right now, they must be spending thousands a month just on hosting and security protocols, saying nothing of the data it takes to process and stream video / audio, employee pay, etc.

When you consider what this app is, it's no wonder it's not available on Android yet. If they're boostrapping, you're looking at hiring another team, learning different languages, programs, etc. Then there's the security issue to look at, and the extensive excess costs that go into protecting your property (and info of your users) on an Android device.

It just doesn't really make sense to release an Android app unless you know it's going to thrive, and you've got the money to do it right. May not be fair for Android users, but you can't really ask someone to tank their business over someone's decision to buy a certain phone.

Just sharing so you have this perspective too!

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