Are We Entering a New Age of Cults?

It’s hard not to see the pattern that’s repeating.

E.B. Johnson
11 min readJul 16

Can we escape our human obsession with cults? (via Envato Elements)

The ancient world was nothing if not obsessed with the occult. Ancient Egypt alone was home to thousands of cults. With more than 1500 deities in their pantheon, Egyptians made the worship of these deities a daily affair and pursued their gods for everything from mysterious wisdom to miraculous cures.

But where the cults of today are high-control environments full of strict secrecy and closed practices, the cults of Ancient Egypt were much freer. There was no one unifying theology between them, and there wasn’t necessarily any organization between temples or groups. Each cult operated on its own, within its own terms, and allowed worshippers certain degrees of freedom.

Few similarities exist in the cults of today, which have become stronger and more virulent in their tactics.

In our new age of cult worship, there exist strict hierarchies and defining ideologies. For those who do not adhere to the demands of the cult, destruction, and isolation are assured. It’s terrifying when the realities of these practices are looked at honestly.

Slowly, deceptively, we have slipped back into our cultish ways. Every day, every moment, you watch (shocked) as your friends and your family are consumed by them. It transforms them, and there’s no seeing the light once they’re in. That’s the danger, and that is why it’s more important than ever to be aware of the cult manipulation tactics at play everywhere in our lives.

What does a cult look like?

The cults of Egypt bore few similarities to the cults of today. Apart from the differences mentioned above, there is also a fundamental divergence between the cult of today and the cult of the ancients. That is the function itself. When we say “cult” in reference to the ancient world, what we really mean is ritual worship. Modern cults have deviated from that greatly to create far more complex organizations.

Cults, as defined today, are collectives of individuals who create groups whose purpose is to psychologically manipulate, coerce, and destroy its members for the benefit of a hierarchy.

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