Why is ambition so attractive?

There are a lot of attractive qualities, but ambition seems to be a particularly sexy one. Why are we so drawn to those who are determined succeed?

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The two types of ambition.

Ambition is the drive that propels us forward toward success in whatever we choose to apply it to. When we desire to achieve something, that is our ambition at work, pressing us to focus and push on no matter what obstacles we have to overcome.

The common traits of ambitious people.

The kind of people with that irresistible ambition are the ones that live life to the fullest, while maintaining their sense of self, their intention and their will to succeed. It’s not all about getting the job done. It’s more about refusing to quit.

Goal setting.

Ambitious people are those with goals that they demand to achieve. They enjoy getting recognition from others and they know that — in order to do that — they have to succeed. Whether it comes to their social or professional lives, ambitious people have goals and they conquer them. This quality makes them great leaders and draws people to them, thus one of the reasons they can become such an attractive candidate in the eyes of those around them.

Motivation to achieve.

Consider again the most ambitious person that you know. Were they someone with a strong desire for self-actualization? Chances are, they were.

Self-esteem and attitude control.

Those who are driven by their ambition are those with positive self-esteem and self-image. They know that they can succeed because they are as good or better than those they are competing against. They don’t fear tasks because they aren’t sensitive to criticism and they aren’t afraid to fail (after all, it’s just learning a better way to go after the same goal a second time).

A solid attitude toward others.

While those who are ambitious can seem dominant, they have an positive attitude when it comes to people overall. Just because these people are consumed with the desire to do well doesn’t mean they lack kindheartedness; quite the contrary.

A professional ability or persona.

Ambitious people have been shown to have a higher willingness to move to another city or country in order to advance their careers or further their standing in whatever it is they desire.


Those ambitious people are those who find that, even though they are fearful, they can still triumph. This is because they are courageous, or able to face their fears head on; using them as weapons that aid them in overcoming obstacles, rather than additional hurdles that keep them from getting what they want.

Cognitive awareness and ability.

Have you ever watched someone you think of as “ambitious” approach a task? More often than not, they take the time to think out their approach and they do so creatively and critically; considering all the possible outcomes and consequences.

Why is ambition so sexy to so many of us?

Well, the short answer is that it’s a combination of the above. The long answer? It’s complicated.

The two sides to ambition.

Some of you will, of course, disagree with this assessment of ambition being an attractive quality altogether. And that’s understandable given how the world has become synonymous with the dirty images of swindlers and sharks who will stop at nothing to get what they want — consequences be damned.

Putting it all together…

Ambitious is a sexy quality and when you consider the types of traits a confident, driven person exhibits it’s not hard to see why.

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