Last-minute affirmations to help you deal with holiday stress

We’re in the final days before Christmas. If you’re feeling the pressure, use these affirmations to re-center and find calm.

A man holds a golden retriever and smiles in a Christmas tree-filled lot.
Image by @jachcole via Twenty20

The last-minute affirmations that can help get you through the Christmas rush.

“My life is filled with things to be grateful for.”

“This is only a window in time.”

“Making other people happy makes me happy.”

“I deserve to treat myself.”

“I make time for myself every day.”

“I am connecting on deeper levels.”

“I am more than capable enough.”

“This Christmas is going to be filled with joy.”

“I am happy with simplicity and change.”

Quick tips for holiday self-care.

1. Check in with yourself regularly

2. Make your own safe space

3. Always opt for compassion

Putting it all together…

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